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LG P500 Update to Android 2.3.3 tech

2011/07/21 12:43 in /tech

And now, finally the Gingerbread update for the P500! With firmware v20c the smartbench results are now 357 for productivity and 573 for gaming. Hmmm...
With 2.2.2 it was 439 and 416. Ah well...

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LG P500 Update to Android 2.2.2 tech

2011/06/14 18:26 in /tech

Just upgraded my P500 from German v10b to v10e firmware. Voila, the 'caller name not showing up' bug seems fixed, also that french stuff in the calendar is gone. And Smartbench got from p:229 g:447 to p:439 g:416. Let's hope that the reboot bug is also fixed now...

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Chromium 11 backport to Debian Squeeze coding

2011/06/07 18:24 in /coding

I took some 5 minutes yesterday and built the newest Chromium version found in unstable for squeeze. I thought I'd share this, thus a public repo (64bit-only, sorry) is available with the following line added to your sources.list:
deb http://www2.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~beier/debian/chromium/ ./
You can get the signing key by issueing
wget -O - http://dontmind.freeshell.org/christianbeier.asc | apt-key add -
as root.

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Howto create an Eclipse project using Android NDK coding

2011/05/18 17:26 in /coding

Short writeup of howto use one of the Android NDK samples comfortably from within Eclipse:
  • Create a new empty Android project.
  • Copy a sample into the projects directory, overwriting some files.
  • Right click project root and select properties than choose builders:
    • Create a new builder of type program
    • First box ndk-build script location
    • Second box is project location
    • Third box is these args:
       -C ${build_project} 
  • Still within the Builder dialog, go to the refresh tab
    • Check "Refresh resources upon completion"
    • Select "Specific resources"
    • Click on the "Specify resources" button and select your project's lib directory.
    • Check "Recursively include sub-folders"
  • Now in the build options tab
    • Check "Allocate Console"
    • Check "Launch in background"
    • Check "Run the builder After a Clean"
    • Check "Run the builder During manual builds"
    • Check "Run the builder During auto builds"
    • Check "Specify working set of relevant resources"
    • Click on "Specify Resources"
    • Select your project's JNI directory and all files within.
  • Now click OK on the bottom.

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MultiVNC 0.5 released! coding

2011/05/07 21:42 in /coding

Hi there,
I am proud to announce the release of MultiVNC version 0.5, the first release with MulticastVNC actually working well.

The most prominent feature surely is MulticastVNC flow control. This means MulticastVNC now automagically adapts the server's transmission rate to the capabilities of the network and clients, much like TCP! Furthermore, new features include Ultra encoding for MulticastVNC and a freely sizeable receive buffer in addition to the OS-dependent socket receive buffer. Also, MultiVNC is now able to connect to Apple Remote Desktop servers, it is now possible to select the desired VNC encoding and encrypted connections now work on Windows as well. On the usability front, a keyboard grab button was added that allows to enter arbitrary key combinations like Ctrl-Alt-Del into MultiVNC without being interpreted by the local OS. This works on UNIX by now. Bugfixes include the bug with the viewer becoming unresponsive under high multicast loads and not being able to enter IPv6 addresses.

Download it over at sourceforge!

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The multi-pointer x11vnc now shows cursors! coding

2010/04/15 15:36 in /coding

The big fat multi-cursor commit: Show cursors in multi-pointer mode.

Get it over at github.

Cursors are drawn directly into the framebuffer by x11vnc as RFB has no notion of multiple pointers/cursors.

This still has some visual glitches when running multi-threaded, hopefully the addition of a DisplayFinishedHook to libvncserver will solve this.

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MultiVNC 0.2 released! coding

2010/02/17 14:28 in /coding

This version, besides bugfixes, boasts some new important new feateures, MulticastVNC being the most prominent one.

Here's the news:
  • MulticastVNC incorporated! You can now connect to a MulticastVNC enabled server, e.g. based on libvncserver.
  • Listen mode (Reverse VNC) implemented. Via tabs it is possible to listen for and serve multiple incoming connections.
  • Bookmarks are working now.
  • Clipboard data is now properly encoded.
  • Fix bug with canvas centering.
  • Fix bug where disconnecting from a fast server would terminate MultiVNC.
  • Fix really nasty bug where listening on windows would take 100% CPU.
Download it over at sourceforge!

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MultiVNC 0.1 released! coding

2009/11/21 02:03 in /coding

Yeah, it's out, the first public release of my shiny cross-platform VNC viewer for UNIX, Windows and OS X.

Here's the feature list:
  • supports server framebuffer resize
  • several connections with one viewer using tabs
  • simple, loggable statistics
  • supports discovery of VNC servers advertising themselves via ZeroConf
  • runs under UNIX and Windows
Download it here!

Actually version 0.2 is in the making since a while and already carries some bug fixes and new features ;-)

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whoohah, my first shiny post!

2009/06/15 16:48 in

but not really much to say by now... just that i _finally_ set up this damn thing using blosxom, cause that one seems the only one without a dependency on mysql.

so here we go!

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