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Howto create an Eclipse project using Android NDKcoding

2011/05/18 17:26 in /coding

Short writeup of howto use one of the Android NDK samples comfortably from within Eclipse:
  • Create a new empty Android project.
  • Copy a sample into the projects directory, overwriting some files.
  • Right click project root and select properties than choose builders:
    • Create a new builder of type program
    • First box ndk-build script location
    • Second box is project location
    • Third box is these args:
       -C ${build_project} 
  • Still within the Builder dialog, go to the refresh tab
    • Check "Refresh resources upon completion"
    • Select "Specific resources"
    • Click on the "Specify resources" button and select your project's lib directory.
    • Check "Recursively include sub-folders"
  • Now in the build options tab
    • Check "Allocate Console"
    • Check "Launch in background"
    • Check "Run the builder After a Clean"
    • Check "Run the builder During manual builds"
    • Check "Run the builder During auto builds"
    • Check "Specify working set of relevant resources"
    • Click on "Specify Resources"
    • Select your project's JNI directory and all files within.
  • Now click OK on the bottom.

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