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MultiVNC 0.2 released! coding

2010/02/17 14:28 in /coding

This version, besides bugfixes, boasts some new important new feateures, MulticastVNC being the most prominent one.

Here's the news:
  • MulticastVNC incorporated! You can now connect to a MulticastVNC enabled server, e.g. based on libvncserver.
  • Listen mode (Reverse VNC) implemented. Via tabs it is possible to listen for and serve multiple incoming connections.
  • Bookmarks are working now.
  • Clipboard data is now properly encoded.
  • Fix bug with canvas centering.
  • Fix bug where disconnecting from a fast server would terminate MultiVNC.
  • Fix really nasty bug where listening on windows would take 100% CPU.
Download it over at sourceforge!

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