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MultiVNC 0.5 released!coding

2011/05/07 21:42 in /coding

Hi there,
I am proud to announce the release of MultiVNC version 0.5, the first release with MulticastVNC actually working well.

The most prominent feature surely is MulticastVNC flow control. This means MulticastVNC now automagically adapts the server's transmission rate to the capabilities of the network and clients, much like TCP! Furthermore, new features include Ultra encoding for MulticastVNC and a freely sizeable receive buffer in addition to the OS-dependent socket receive buffer. Also, MultiVNC is now able to connect to Apple Remote Desktop servers, it is now possible to select the desired VNC encoding and encrypted connections now work on Windows as well. On the usability front, a keyboard grab button was added that allows to enter arbitrary key combinations like Ctrl-Alt-Del into MultiVNC without being interpreted by the local OS. This works on UNIX by now. Bugfixes include the bug with the viewer becoming unresponsive under high multicast loads and not being able to enter IPv6 addresses.

Download it over at sourceforge!

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