this is omron++, the simplistic peace-endowing warfare simulation.
you can download the newest version here, old versions are available here.

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1) what is it

omron++ is a pixel AI game with up to four armies of pixels fighting each other. depending on their allegiance, vision range and 'mob size', they will form groups of pixels (called mobs) and go hunting together.

2) how to use it

simply follow the menu promptings and enter your choices, then watch the whole thing going.

you can press 's' to take a screenshot, and 'f' to toggle between window and fullscreen. press 'p' or 'pause' to pause the game when in battle. finally, you can toggle playing of sounds via 'm'.

hit 1,2,3 or key 4 to make your army retreat to the dropzone.

for 'advanced' usage type 'omron++ -h' to see the possible commandline arguments. (a special one is '-auto', which runs omron++ in some kind of standalone mode, without the need for user input. instead it randomly chooses the parameters itself. just give it the percentage of the possible maximum values to adjust performance to your machine. makes a nice but resourcehungry screensaver ;-) )

3) how to compile

the prerequisites:

- the usual c-compiler with headers and stuff
- libSDL devel package version >= 1.2.0
- libSDL-gfx devel package version >= 2.0.9

to compile:

if crosscompiling with MinGW:
./ --build=<your build system type> --host=i586-mingw32msvc --with-sdl-config=<your win32 sdl-config>
and cross fingers

to install:
- 'make install' as root
- or copy omron++ binary wherever you like to

that's pretty much it, have fun !

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